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Bagged coal
We sell pre-bagged and loose coal at wholesale prices for domestic use.

Our A-Grade small nuts (25mm to 60mm) are a great affordable alternative to anthracite and can be used for the same applications, and they are also a lot easier to ignite.

Small Nuts:
30kg Bag (25mm-60mm) R70
50kg Bag (25mm-60mm) R110
1 ton loose (25mm-60mm) R1500

Large Nuts:
30kg Bag (50mm-80mm) R80
50kg Bag (50mm-80mm) R120
1 ton loose (50mm-80mm) R1600

30kg Bag (8mm-25mm) R70
50kg Bag (8mm-25mm) R100
1 ton loose (8mm-25mm) R1500

Collection in Centurion from 8am to 4pm Monday-Friday
Bag collection only on Saturdays 8am to 12pm
EFT and Credit Card ONLY - No Cash 

Please contact us now for larger orders and pricing.

1 IGE coal bags.jpg
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